Cinderella Story de Elizabeth August PDF / ean: 978-1460343135

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As a devastating summer storm hits Grand Springs, Colorado, the next thirty-six hours will change the town and its residents forever….

The night the lights go out at the lodge, waitress Nina Lindstrom flees the arms of millionaire Alex Bennett after a romantic dance. But he's determined not to lose sight of the beautiful stranger. Finding her days later, he has a business proposition for the widow and mother-a fake engagement that could provide the financial security she needs to save her son's life.

Nina tells herself she doesn't believe in fairy tales. Her relationship with Alex is strictly professional. But as she spends more time with her handsome rescuer, it's harder to see him as just a business partner. In trying to save her son, she may be risking her own heart.

Book 5 of the 36 Hours series. Don't miss Book 6: Grief unexpectedly leads to a second chance for ex-lovers Eve and Rio in Father and Child Reunion by Christine Flynn.

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